A picture of my Lampshade



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  1. This image is basically a portrait of a bright red lampshade against the wall. The shape of the lampshade is cylindrical and straight with sloped sides. This picture was taken in a very dark apartment. The only form of light emanating was from this red lamp. I was drawn to this lamp as it brought to my mind an image of a single bright shining star in a dark night. The main elements of this picture are color and lighting. There are only two colors in this photograph; the red color of the lampshade as the foreground and the neutral color of the foreground. The neutrality of the background ensures focus on the lampshade itself and this focus is also aided by the light that emanates from the lamp. This is definitely an important factor as the red lampshade is the emphasis and the focal point of this picture.
    The composition of the red color and the lighting can be seen as a representation of hope as they also combine to stir up emotions of courage and boldness. Red has connotations with being energetic and provocative. The red hue of the object in the foreground (lamp) compliments the neutral hue of the paint on the wall. The chosen hue and saturation of the lamp in the image makes it obvious that ‘s the primary object in the image. A combination of a dark tone red with high saturation makes the object very vibrant and attention grabbing. The element of contrast in this photograph is strongly represented as the red color of the lamp clearly stands out against the neutral background. The picture was static and the main focus as there are no distractions in the background. The photograph does not represent any from of cultural heritage as the electric light embodies modernity.
    However, if I were to re-take the picture I would take a picture of the whole lamp isolated in the corner of the dark room to really emphasis the color and bright light emanating in the midst of the dark. Also, I feel that if the neutral background had a larger space the depth of the color would have been more striking.

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  3. What really drew me in to this picture was the fact that right beneath the shade itself the image appears to be glowing. It creates a softness around the edges that creates an interesting contrast with the striking prominence of the red lamp shade on the neutral background. It’s very welcoming.

  4. I think this is an interesting photo. I like the effect from the light of the lamp. The only critique I have is maybe if the edges were a bit darker to promote this light but otherwise I think its great.

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